This Week On The Web: Week 2

by Shauna on October 15, 2012

Here’s what you missed while you were out there living your life and I was at home folding fourteen thousand loads of laundry.

Ethan baked his very first batch of cupcakes, all my himself.

However, he didn’t clean up the huge mess he made in the kitchen. When I confronted him about it he said, and I quote, “Cleaning that up is the last thing I want to do, Mom.” Welcome to my world, Chachi.

I spent a couple of days doing pumpkin crafts. You can check them out. And also here!

You like pork chops? Do you own a crock pot? Well then. I just made your life better.

On our Babble blog, Brittany and I named our quirky celebrity crushes. Sorry Ryan Gosling, you didn’t make the cut.

And lastly in sports: My team won. And my dad and I cheered. It’s how we roll.


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